lonjanis’ (super fantastic happy) Review of: The Great and Secret Show. Clive Barker

What can i say about this book? Well first of all Clive Barker is a weird guy. Anyone who has read something by him, or seen Hellraiser. Knows this.  Also i want to point out that Horror isn’t really my genre. In fact i almost didn’t even read this book. However It came all the way from the northern hemisphere to me so i felt i owed ita glance at least.

As i write this i am struggling to come up with a synopsis that doesn’t spoil the work ( Also i’m playing online poker.)  It is however not easy. In fact i am almost at a loss to say what would be considered a spoiler.  See the book just has so much going on. It’s like Mr Barker set out to write three books and then Lost the first half of the third one, and just sent the two and a half books worth of manuscript to the publisher.  ” what three books, err no my agent must have mis- heard.”

Okay i suppose the beginning is a solid place to …um begin.

Its the Early 70’s ( though that changes pretty quick)

We Join the story with a man Named Randolf Jaffre. He is  in his early forties , divorced, and never really accomplished anything with his life. This lack of achievement really bugs Randolf as to quote Rock N roller  He wants the Fucking Lot. He in hi heart of hearts wants to be king of the world. For now however He works in the dead letter office. His Job is “sort” the dead letters. This basically consists of looting people birthday cards and what not.  So as you would, he starts to read the letters.

Slowly over a course of months O’l Randy starts to notice things, such as A freaking secret society Protecting CRAZY MAGIC, AND A METAPHYSICAL SEA THAT MAGICS YOU UP! ( errm excuse me). Oh its also strongly linked with, and possibly made up of Hyman consciousness.

So he decides fuck it, ima  find me this sea. So he sets out,  sort of randomly wondering, picking up clues, learning bits of magic. Getting a ton of sex. There are a few important bits im going to pass over here. After a while he realises this secret society is not going to let him anywhere near their sea (its called Quidity). As he is totally unenlightened. Basically he has magic, but they dont give the good stuff to jerks.

So as you, I, or anyone else in this scenario would. He decides to cheat.  Finding himself a scientist, who incidentally is a drug addict. He starts merging his magic with science. Together they create  a chemical which will evolve you.

There are just two little problems. It doesn’t  Evolve you spiritually, and seconds the Much like the secret society before him The scientist( who’s name is fletcher by the way ) realises Mr Jaffre is a jerk, and really shouldn’t have access to  the sea.  There is bit of conflict and they both wind up getting exposed to the Chemical (obviously). After which they morph into weird demi god things that can conjure Armies out of peoples thoughts, and kind of fly around america having a war.

So ends Chapter freaking ONE!

Believe  it or not  there is a whole lot else going on in this book. It goes through stages. horror story,  commentary on any town america, teen romance, mystery. All kinds of stuff.

I may seem like i’m complaining, and i guess i am, and in spite of all my complaints. Its a pretty compelling read. well Worth picking up. If you can find it anyway, the copy i have was printed the year i was born. ….and may or may not have suffered more damage in its two moths in my possession then the past twenty two years -_-

In closing the writing is good, the plot can slow down a bit, but over all its pretty exciting.

7/10 On the super fantastic happy meter.

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Joining the cannon ball read ( in spite of my better judgement)

The err title basically covers it

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